3 Questions to Help You Choose A Personal Trainer

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If you are reading this blog based on the title, I hope that I can help you to make the right decision when it comes to choosing a personal trainer. In Trinidad and Tobago as in every country, culture plays a huge part in how we do just about everything when it comes to fitness. To create more awareness through objective and subjective information can help us to make positive changes in our choices for health and fitness. My intention here in this blog post is to give you my top 3 questions you should be asking a potential trainer that you want to work with you.

If someone has a particular look “buffed up” which is one of a rack of six-pack abs, biceps and shoulders that resembles what our favorite superheroes look like, then that is usually the qualifications that say to the average person that this is a personal trainer. If you notice someone that looks sculpted and lean, and you can see that they work out, does this give a level of comfort to anyone who decides to hire them? I mean you would not want to have someone who is obesely overweight, looks unkempt, and only eats doughnuts to be telling you what to do to become healthier. The job comes with a look and it helps to have it, but does it give the green light that this person can train others? In choosing a personal trainer these are my top 3 questions:

Are You Certified?

As a personal trainer, you are expected to be certified under a reputable certifying agency. In Trinidad, we use standards that are acceptable in the United States. Certifying agencies such as the National Academy for Sports Medicine (NASM), the International Sports Science Association (ISSA), the Aerobics and Fitness Association of America (AFAA) and the American Council on Exercise (ACE) just to name a few. If you are not familiar you can get acquainted with each one. I will leave the link below for your review.

Each of these certifying agencies may be more specific than others. It is dependant on what you want to achieve where your fitness goals are concerned. And if you are looking for a PT it would be great to educate yourself which specific goals you may want to achieve.

Are You Certified in Basic First Aid and C.P.R?

I think if a poll was completed on 10 persons who have personal trainers, and the question was asked” Are you Certified in Basic First Aid and CPR”, I’m thinking maybe 9 out of that 10 persons would not ask about it. I remember at one point I did have a personal trainer and it never crossed my mind, until I decided to become certified, that I was informed that this is a certifying criterion. Maybe it’s because I am also a Paramedic, that is never crossed my mind. The thing is accidents can happen, fainting, cardiac arrest, sprains, strains, etc and it is very important that your trainer knows what to do in the event of an emergency while you are under his or her guidance during physical activity.

Do you create individual plans with your clients?

I mentioned in question #1 how it is beneficial for anyone when seeking a PT to have at least a specific and reachable goal in mind. So, you asked the previous 2 questions and all answers give positive feedback for you to add another question to seal the deal. You now need to understand how your goals are going to be attacked. Using a one size fits all training program is what you might get away with where you can choose an online program that appears on social media, or there are also the ones created in the more popular health and fitness type magazines.

If you are seeking a PT then you are looking for the real deal. This should not come with standard exercises that are not done haphazard, but through initial assessments, can an individualized plan be created for you as the client. Your PT has a duty to give you an outline of what he or she is creating for you and then have discussions about what exercises are involved and if you feel comfortable with the program.

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Have a great one guys

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