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Band Workout & Injury Prevention Tips

Band Workout

So about last night . I got this awesome workout done and had to share it!

Focus on your technique with these Your focus here is to activate and strengthen the target muscles💪.

We will work this as a circuit. Only 3 rounds will be your target 🎯

You can do this!!! ☝

1⃣ Banded Lifts – 20
2⃣ Side Steps – 15/side
3⃣ Band Apart – 15
4⃣ Oblique Side Bends 18/side
5⃣ Overhead Triceps Ext- 20
6⃣ Bicep Curls – 20

Injury Prevention Tips

A few tips for injury prevention:

Remember to maintain your neutral spine and soft knees for maintaining balance when executing each exercise ❇

Slow and steady and for better timing try a 4-4-2 tempo for each rep.

📢For individual online exercise planning and corrective strategies for body balance and alignment.. Call us @ 682-9111 or email us @ lifecyclett@gmail.com.

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