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Do you know what to do in an emergency?

Hi Guys,

I’ve been a Paramedic now for about 10 years. One thing I have realized is that when someone is experiencing an emergency there is a lot of chaos.

I want to share with you some steps that can guide you along the way if you ever have to face a medical emergency:

  • Take a deep breath and calm down. It can be easier said than done but this is crucial in any event that you see your friend or family member being hurt or in need of help that you are not able to give. A calm mind can make better decisions for a better outcome.
  • The number that you need to call is 811. This number is for a medical emergency. There are also other numbers that are for different emergencies such as the protective services, and the fire services.
  • You will be speaking to a trained dispatcher that will be asking you questions. You will need to let that person know that you are experiencing an emergency and the events that took place or is taking place. This person will guide you to your next step in the event.
  • Make sure and relay your name and exact location to the dispatcher. This is usually a cause for concern as some of us are not sure of the exact location we are at. Giving a proper address where the name of the street, house number and so on are clear. It can be difficult to send help to you if that is not clear.
  • You will be getting clear directions on the other line from the dispatcher. This is important to listen carefully to what is being said. Do not rush the directions but repeat the them to confirm what was said.

Remember these tips 1 through 5. It can help you get through a challenging emergency. The number again is 811. It is important to have this information somewhere that is visible at home or work for ease of remembrance.

You can be able to make that difference to your friend, family or anyone in need. I do hope this helps.

Take care guys. Education is Life!


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