What is H.M.M.T about?

Due to the times we live in, we are spending much more time at work which leaves us in static positions over lengthy periods of time. The use of computers and cell phones are leaving us with less free time for physical activity. H.M.M.T is an exercise program that is designed with the intention of increasing overall strength, cardiovascular endurance while correcting muscle imbalances and joint immobility. We were not designed to be sedentary. This factor plays a heavy role in how we can move and engage in sporting, physical and daily activities. H.M.M.T takes these factors into consideration and creates a program to get us to move again as we should. Moving often and moving well.

Who is H.M.M.T for?

We can safely say that H.M.M.T can be for anyone who wants to move better! There are going to be certain populations who we think would benefit from this training far more than others. Such as people who –

Why Should You Choose H.M.M.T?

We offer you individualized programs based on your lifestyle and physical activity level. This assessment allows us to understand your limitations of movement patterns and joint mobility. It also identifies where your muscle imbalances lie. Educational tips on injury prevention and movement awareness would also be part of your program once we start working together. These assessments and programs are completed by me, a Certified Corrective Exercise Specialist and Personal Trainer, under the National Academy of Sports Medicine. Programs will be completed and accessible by clients using an online software app that will be available for your convenience on your mobile phone, laptop, or desktop.

I think the absolute stand out point for me in your great article Denise King is this: "Becoming a coach, personal trainer, is something that you must be prepared to see each person as an individual. We cannot train others as we train ourselves." And I'll tell you why that brings tears of joy to my eyes, as a woman of let's just say "mature age', with all sorts of back problems caused by child bearing, it's really off putting to consider consulting a 20 year old (male or female, doesn't matter), who has just come out of fitness 'school' with a one-size-fits-all approach to PT. If I was in the market for a trainer (and the fact that I live a long swim away not withstanding), the first person I would call on would be someone with your depth of experience who acknowledges that everyone is different and has different training needs!

Fiona Thompson

Brisbane, Queensland, Australia

Good work Denise. This is informative. I think that people should explore different movement patterns for longevity. If you work on 'popular' exercises, this can lead to muscular imbalances and injuries. Practicing different movement patterns and sometimes silly movement patterns allow fluid movement of the spine. Some studies actually point to a correlation between the health of the body and the health of the spine.

Greg B.

Econ Major & Aspiring Health and Wellness Coordinator

This has further encouraged me and I am looking forward to the results in another month, and the next few months after that.

Mike Frost


Denise isn't trying to turn you into a sporting superstar ..... you don't need lots of fancy equipment to follow her advise either. No gimmicking stuff .... she's a health professional who knows what she is talking about and is guided by the science. She delivers good common sense advise that is easy to understand and follow. No excuses!

Julie Evans

Videos are nice and short. Exercises are easy to follow. When you think you were doing things right all along, you realise that you were not. It's a learning platform for everyone.

Shelly-Ann Achee

If you are looking for a physical trainer who can identify and correct any issues you may have, and who is diligent, attentive and helpful I would highly recommend her services.

Ian Gault

Senior Pilot at Bristow

I strongly recommend Denise for anyone trying to improve their health and fitness.

Remi Sovran


Great short videos to correct my posture and motivation to exercise! Thanks!

Shireen Ali

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