I would recommend Denise in a heartbeat, she has personally trained me and is a very committed trainer.  The variety and challenge she puts into a session helped me achieve my goals. As a personal trainer she is very encouraging and has a vast knowledge in her profession.  She ensures that her clients techniques are always correct so as to avoid any injuries. An extremely reliable & punctual individual – always set up & ready to start training ahead of time, with an exercise routine planned.  Thanks Denise.

Sharrron Bharath

Warehouse Specialist at BHP

I recently had the pleasure of being guided by Denise. 
She conducted a comprehensive analysis of my posture and gait both while walking and performing specific exercises. 
She then provided a series of stretches and exercises designed to correct the issues she observed.
If you are looking for a physical trainer who can identify and correct any issues you may have, and who is diligent, attentive and helpful I would highly reccomend her services.
Thank you Denise!

Ian Gault

Senior Pilot Bristow

As a 61 year old guy who has a fairly sedentary job, does a little exercise but on an infrequent basis - I had ‘let myself go’!  Having met Denise she offered to do an assessment of my physical condition and this was remarkable in the fact that it highlighted conditions and weaknesses that I was probably aware of but which I put down simply to the ageing process and my way of life.  We started the first work outs  just over a month ago which majored heavily on stretching exercises.  Already I have noticed that my mobility and overall posture has improved.  With day to day activities such as simply bending to put ones socks on to jacking up my car and changing wheels being considerably easier!  I have suffered over the years with planter facia which has meant that the pain in the soles of my feet has prevented me from doing the little bit of exercise that I had been doing!  This pain has completely gone I can only put this down to the lower leg and feet stretching and foam rolling that Denise had set me.  We have now stepped up a gear adding strengthening exercises to the specific areas that Denise has highlighted to me.  This has further encouraged me and I am looking forward to the results in another month, and the next few months after that. Thanks Coach 😊

Mike Frost

I’ve had the privilege of following Denise King's journey from a 
back-pain client to a highly regarded trainer. She is one of the few 
trainers that I feel is truly in the business to help people. Her 
knowledge is evident in the educational material she provides via social 
media, and her passion is obvious in the training environments she 
creates. I strongly recommend Denise for anyone trying to improve their 
health and fitness.

Remi Sovran


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