Is the Scene Safe?

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If you have never heard the term before it is something you should get familiar with. If you are trained as a basic first-aider or first-responder of any kind, giving your help or assistance when there is an emergency can have disastrous affects if you don’t ask yourself that question.

So, what scene are we talking about? If there is an emergency that takes place weather, it be a traumatic or medical the person or people that renders help needs to make sure that before getting involved it is safe to do so. Think about it, have you ever been on a flight, the safety briefing clearly directs persons to put on their life jacket before they help anyone else with their own. Making sure the scene is safe before you run to help is not to be forgotten.

Here are a few things to take note of before rendering help:

Stop! Before entering a scene scan the area for any visible hazards. Depending on what the scenario may be different tings can present as hazards and can make the scene unsafe. Examples such as downed electrical lines from a motor vehicle accident, falling debris from heights, gas leaving from vehicles and so on. This is your first step to making sure your scene is safe for you to enter.

What about the Environment? In our world today we are experiencing such terrible natural disasters from earthquakes to floods and that’s just to name a couple. If you see someone who is need of help when an emergency takes place, look at the surroundings. There are numerous commercials that talks about not going into flood waters to help persons as this uncertain terrain can lead the helper and the victim into fatality.

Traffic and Roadways? Yes, yes, yes. In Trinidad we developed a learnt behaviour of just stopping on the side of the road wherever it is and running to the scene of a motor vehicle accident. Even if we are on the highways, we can forget that this is a dangerous place with high speeding vehicle passing by. If you do decide to help, look for a safe place to park, check your rear view of side mirror before rushing out of the vehicle. You do not want to become another victim of road fatality.

These are just a few points that you can use when deciding to help. We can all make a difference if we do the right thing and develop the right behaviour for the situation at hand. I’ve also written in my earlier blogs what to do in an emergency. So feel free to give it a read.

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