Its All about Prioritizing and Determination


It is important as a Coach and educator to understand the challenges people may face in their fitness journey. For me, it has never been much of a challenge as I have been very active since I was in primary school. As I got older, I was able to direct this desire to become better in any of the activities that I pursued.

It is not so for all of us. The fitness journey let alone being active can be a challenge. It is
everywhere, tons of ads to join their gym facilities, to start the upcoming new and improved boot-camp and so much more. It can be a bit overwhelming for the person who has never been active or someone who wants too but just can’t find the time to get to the gym or get involved in anything else but their job, family, or even evening classes. All this is a day. Where does exercise fit in?

I was asked this week by someone who just wanted to get her tummy smaller. She had a C-section done and found that her stomach area was just bigger than anywhere else on her body. She wanted to know if I thought that she could get her tummy flat. “What do I have to do?” was her driving question. I spoke to her briefly on the anatomy of what happens when you get the C-section done which was enlightening to her and satisfied her curiosity a bit but then I told her, “Why not focus on just starting off with a one of two exercises a day and set a smaller goal, like a week to get it done and reset for each week and increase what you do in that time” and well of course the nutrition aspect must go hand in hand with this.

We often expect unrealistic goals and place a lot of stress on our mental and physical self to attain a goal that will be short-lived if it is not sustainable. If it is not part of our routine, it is not part of our life. Just as we have a routine of everyday life which requires going to work and doing what we must to obtain a reward which is our salaries, so too we must get a reward from taking care of our bodies though a habitual routine that will eventually become our normal way of life.

I have a a simple beginner’s exercise that you can start doing that will take about 5 mins of your day. You can increase the time as you go along to ten minutes if you are using a week as your goal setting time. By increasing the reps, you can increase the time and muscle activation.

Sit on your bed or a chair, arms in front of you, feet planted on the floor and stand up. Sit
down with arm still in front of you and then back at your side. Do this at least 10 times as
your beginner activity to get your muscles in your body working. This won’t take more than
3-5 minutes of your day.

If you would like to get more advice on how you can get your body moving or any other
questions leave your name and email address. We would love to send you more weekly blogs like these and get you going on your new way of life.

Thanks for staying to the end. I hope it helps going forward with your journey. No pressure.
Enjoy everyday!

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