Need Help Deciding if the Gym or Home is Right for your Workouts?

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The question may have passed through your mind. In my years in the fitness industry I can see the value of both. It is dependent on what you are hoping to achieve and other questions that you may ask yourself to help you choose which one may be more suited to your lifestyle. I’m going to try and cover some of the main points that you can use to help decide which one is better for you.

Before I go further, I want to encourage everyone to understand that wherever you can get your workout in, it is something that should not have a lower priority in your daily activities. Your health is truly your wealth. Ok.. Let’s get down to it


It is important to be realistic when you decide to start your workout Or exercise regime. Working out at home might be a little more favourable here. It takes time to pack your gym bag, it takes time to commute to the gym, it takes time if you need the treadmill and you may have to wait on it and so on. If your schedule is one that cannot allow you at least 1- 2 hours a day, then stick to your workouts at home.


As a beginner the need for equipment may not be needed as much because you can use body weight exercises to get your body really acclimatized to physical activity and cardiovascular endurance. Ask yourself what you want to achieve. Do you want muscle gain? Power development? Weight loss? A combination for more all-round development? Your reasons why should determine if you need equipment that may be available in the gym or if you can stick with just your body weight exercises. I’m going to call this one even here!!


In Trinidad a gym fees can run you anywhere from $300 –$450 a month. There is also the consideration of the gym wear, such as towel, duffel bag, shoes, tops and tights, and so on. I mean you can get these with a one-time expense that can cover you for a few months or maybe a year.

You will have to add this to your current expenses that can be a deterrent for persons wanting to start their exercise program. On the other side of things once you put out the money to get started, you are able to meet more like minded people, may be try different types of group classes, be encouraged by persons who may be further along their fitness journey and so much more. Your health is your wealth. I would have to give this one to the gym workouts!!!


There are persons who have never worked out before and want to get going..somewhat like Simba wanting to explore the Pride Lands in ‘The Lion King’. They are going to be very intimidated by the exercises, the equipment and just the thought of going into a gym. I would recommend that these persons seek a qualified trainer who can start them with workouts at home. 

This is very important for the newbies as their learning everything for the first time so learning the wrong way, especially the form and movement can lead to serious injuries. It can be a bit add to the expense if you have a trainer but in the long run it will be worth every dollar. Anything being done for the first time that involves movements in exercise should be done under a supervised professional. If you can afford the gym fees and the trainer you are setting yourself up for success and a good foundation to begin your fitness journey. I’m calling this one even!!!

In Conclusion

So, I’ve covered 4 factors that you can use to help you determine which one would be better suited for you. Think about your “whys” and talk to the right people that can help you make the right decision best suited for you and your lifestyle. Whatever you choose, just get yourself in a physical activity that can give you your desired outcomes.

Thanks for reading and leave a comment in the section below. Which one do you prefer and why?

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