Standing Workstation at Home? Let Us Get You Sorted

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Even when we stand we can still make things better!

Hey guys, here are a couple adjustment you can add to your workstation desk situation if you
are at home.

I have said in previous posts, the effects of sitting for long periods at a time affects us. I
encourage you to either stand, move around more or time yourself while sitting. By doing these actions we prevent postural or positional distortions, muscle imbalances due to them becoming shortened and weak, and your ability to move well. I can go on further with reasons why, but we would stick to the topic at hand.

The first pic is what it looks like when the neutral position is in effect. The head is not tilted
down or up too much, and we have some good curves in the lower and upper spine (Lordosis
and Kyphosis). The elbows are parallel to the floor.. Nice. Have your neutral position in check.
When in this position a good tip to squeeze your glutes and hold for a 2 – 3 seconds. This not
only activate your hip extensors, but it also give those hip flexors a little stretch.

The second and third images are what we can implement to take off some load from the
lumbar spine and still keep that neutral position. Placing the feet on the books or if you have a bar at your table, at this angle it takes the hip slightly into a posterior tilt and takes some load off of the extension position of the lumber spine.

Flexion of the hip is activated when the foot goes onto the books or bar. Or if you have the
flexibility to cross it onto the stool. This adds a huge difference in your comfort while working.
Add this to your set up at home and make your workstation a better place to get those
deadlines completed!

If you need an assessment done to understand your movement patterns, or training program
that takes your imbalances, posture and lifestyle into developing a plan.. call us 468-0201
or email us at Or you can just DM me!

Education is Life Peeps!

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