The Future of Gyms After Covid 19

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There is an increase in home workouts since the Corona Virus shot up to the pandemic level. We now are part of the new normal, where being isolated and confined and limited to human interaction is our way of life. This new lifestyle is forcing us to change the way we do a lot of our everyday activities. We no longer hug, shake hands, or are advised to do selfies with each other. Our natural way of socializing is increasingly changing, and to me not for the best.

In this blog I want to share my views on what I think will be the future of gyms after Covid 19. The thing is this virus is not going anywhere as much experts are saying. It is here to stay for some time again,and we now must create new ways to live with it. What are the gyms going to be like for us to feel safe if we choose to still go to these facilities that many of us have made an integral part of life? Let me shed some light on what you might have to face in my opinion on the future gyms to come.


The issue of peak time, after work or before. The 4 – 6:30pm crowd or the 5:30 – 7:30am or maybe 8am is no longer going to be a thing. In the United States gyms have been opened but with special stipulations. They must always function at a 25% capacity to enforce the social distance. So, for sure we will not have to worry about people hogging the squat rack, the treadmills and rushing for the other cardio machines. I think this is a great way to keep the gym running with social distance enforced.

Appointments for the use of the more popular pieces of equipment will have to be done. If the gym will be functioning at a lesser capacity than it was as in my first point, gym owners will also have to regulate the equipment as having more than one person at a time use certain machines like the squat rack, bench press, cable machines etc, as this will encourage persons to be more prepared for what they have to do, get it done and get out. No more taking selfies while you are working out or chatting about your latest development of muscle gains or fat loss, no more chit chat. This will also be encouraged with the rule of social distancing. I think that is a good thing. I know there are persons who miss the gym and their pump from lifting heavy weights and really would not think twice about getting back in a gym. So maybe this can work.

The use of the machines, weights, equipment are not going to be available to the average person who wants to continue their fitness journey. Not all of us will have the money to buy personal equipment, not all will have the space available to do the workouts at home, and there are some who just can’t get past not going to the gym for a workout. These are going to be the die hard and loyal customers that the gyms are hoping to have more than less of these kinds once they get the green light to open their doors again. This will be a factor for the future of gyms ahead.


The beautiful facemasks. All kinds of shapes and colours. It sure is becoming a fashion statement now, as you see more matching masks with other apparel these days. These masks seem to be part of our new normal as more and more business is making it mandatory for entry. The gym has to be part of this new normal, and face masks have to be mandatory for gym entry and function once in the facility. We go to the gym for a workout. When we do this, we inflict physical exertion on our bodies or engage in strenuous activity. Our demand for more room air increases as our VO2 max increases also. Having the mask on will now interrupt that ability access that demand. It cannot stop you from breathing, but it you will encounter some discomfort and increase your difficulty to breathing. You may unconsciously pull it off just to get some air. You touch your face, as you then remember to get it back on. Something to think about there.

I used to have my gym bag in my vehicle and kind of play the day out and say to myself, maybe around lunch time I would go get my workout in. Dropping in whenever I feel like it, or a time that is convenient to us all is how we would decide when to go. Now, when you think about this, the gym must function at a lesser capacity to encourage social distancing. That means there must be a control of how many persons are in the gym at any given time. I am thinking about this and just as you may have to book your time with the equipment, you may also have to book your time to get inside the gym.

If there is now a reduction if the number of persons in the gym at any given time, will this be sustainable financially for the gym owners. This will cause a decrease in revenue. One of the ways to correct this problem will be to increase monthly fees. I am not sure if this happens how many of us can afford higher rates for gym membership.

According to Dr. Amesh Adalja, the Director of Infection Prevention and control at Mount Sinai, Downtown New York, he states “Gyms are going to have to come up with a robust plan for how they are going to keep their patrons safe. There is no one size fits all answer”.

At the end of it all you must take these considerations into your decision for getting back into that gym life. In my opinion the quarantine life that we faced in the months and weeks before has empowered us all to take our health into our own hands by force. It is a time where personal trainers must reinvent themselves and change with the times we face.

We at Life Cycle 360 have been offering online and individualized corrective exercise programs from inceptions. We catered for international clients as well as ones right here in Trinidad. I have always been an advocate for the use of the technology that we have to be used as that missing link that facilitates the online comfort from home and also for the client to learn more by taking a more participative role as they have to read and look on at video tutorials for learning.

The availability of home equipment such as resistance bands, mini bands, and also the increase and availability of online training programs allows you to stay safe, breathe easier and still have fun. All you need is a Personal Trainer that can guide you either online or one on one at home can also work.

At the end of the day it is all about your personal preference and your choice of personal risk verses reward.

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