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The use of this piece of equipment has drawn much controversy over the years. In the Emergency Medical Services, it is part of what I use as a medical professional. As an EMS instructor I educate persons on how to use the device and how to manage a patient who must have one placed on them.

The tourniquet is a life saving device. When external hemorrhaging cannot be controlled on the extremities of the body this can be used. The controversy of using this device comes where some say that it causes nerve damage and other neurological disorders and potential loss of limb. These concerns have been just that, concerns, as these findings have not been proven to date.  They have been used in the more recent wars in Iraq and Afghanistan and has been proven to do the very opposite.

“Tourniquets control of exsanguinating haemorrhage is 80% or better”

Prehospital Trauma Life Support (8th Edition)

If applied correctly and quickly, tourniquets can save lives with low incidence of adverse side effects. It provides an effective tool for decreasing blood loss when elevation and direct pressure fails.

We at Life Cycle 360 offer 3 types:

MAT Responder Tourniquet
SAM XT Extremity Tourniquet (Recommended by the Committee on Tactical Casualty Combat Care - COTCCC)
SWAT T Tourniquet

If you need further information on training for the use of tourniquets from our basic first aid course.

Visit our website –  We are here to get you prepared.

Education is life!


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