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Traumatic Injuries – What happens when we fall?

The word trauma, what do you think about when you hear it. The emergency rooms.? Someone with broken bones? A car accident? If you are on that path of thinking then you are on the right track. Let’s look at what the word means.

According to Dictionary: -a deeply distressing or disturbing experience or physical injury. The word can be interpreted.in both ways, depending on the context it is used. I want to focus on the trauma that causes physical injury.

Every Friday, we have our First Aid Friday post on Facebook and Instagram. I posted a video of a construction worker who was practising a very unsafe way of getting his job done. I will leave the link below in cased you missed it. This man could of fell from more than 15 – 20 feet being on a rooftop.

Physical Injury is trauma. Physical Injury to the body can happen in two ways:

  • Blunt Force Trauma- Think about any force that comes onto the body but does not break the skin. If you were using a hammer and missed the nail and landed the hammer on your finger that is considered blunt force trauma. If there were any bleeding taking place if would be under the skin. You might see bluish discoloration, a lot of pain, and swelling.
  • Penetrating Trauma- This force applied to the body breaks the skin and blood loss occurs here. Think about using a knife to cut bread and you mistakenly slice you finger. The force was you moving the knife. Bleeding will take place as this is penetrating trauma.

The force applied does affect the outcome of the trauma taking place.

Force = MASS (how heavy) multiplied by ACCELERATION (speed). 

The example of the hammer can change if the hammer was not swung hard enough (speed) or if the hammer head was not heavy enough(mass) there may not have any injury noted.

Now back to the construction worker on the roof. He looks like an average weight of maybe 200 – 220lbs (mass) and because he is on a rooftop that is maybe 15 – 20 feet high, if he falls his body weight will create acceleration due to the laws of gravity. Hitting the ground can create both blunt and penetrating trauma and can also lead to fatality depending on the parts of the body that has been affected.

Severe physical injuries that take place in more than 2 places in the body are known as multitrauma. If the construction worker falls, his entire body will be exposed to traumatic injuries. His outcome for survival will be poor. His chances of sustaining serious blunt and penetrating trauma is highly favourable. Fatality can also be considered.


There are various ways trauma can be inflicted on our body. Falls, car accidents, motorcycle accidents, and many more ways. If you have reached this far in reading this blog, I hope you have more awareness of how much happens and can happen when someone falls from a significant height. The next thing you need to do is become trained as a first aider to be able to render the help that is needed. You can be the first line in saving a life.

Link for First Aid Friday – https://www.instagram.com/lifecyclett/?hl=en


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